ZZ Ward Put On a Scorcher at Lincoln Hall in Chicago (Photo Recap)

2 June 2017
Phillip Solomonson

Wednesday, May 31st ZZ Ward brought her firebrand of hip-hop infused, streetsmart blues to a full house at Lincoln Hall. The 90-minute set drew mostly from her debut success, Til The Casket Drops, which featured the attention-grabbing single “Put The Gun Down.”

Drawing from her early influences of elder blues masters, she had forged a four-on-the-floor beat that blends contemporary music influences that create a powerful blues sound. A talented entertainer and vocalist, Ward commands her guitar like the best out there. Is it any wonder that she toured as Eric Clapton’s opening act in 2014? Add her unflinching harmonica playing, fans left her show drenched in a juke joint sweat, exhausted and more than satisfied. 

Check out photos from the evening captured by Phillip Solomonson (Philamonjaro Studio) below or in the Gallery

June 30th ZZ Ward releases her second full-length CD, The Storm, featuring the single “Cannonball," which features the amazingly talented, Fantastic Negrito

Catch her on tour through fall 2017: http://www.zzward.com/#TOUR

*NOTE: Today, June 2nd, is her birthday!

ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-2007.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1945.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-2039.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1806.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1973.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-2032.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1989.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-2129.jpg
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ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1978.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1623.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1664.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1738.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1656.jpg
ZZ Ward Philamonjaro-1620.jpg


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