What Chicago's Bonelang Have Going on Venn Diagrams (Pt. 1) is Interesting and You Should Listen

19 February 2017

Bonelang, the Alternative Pop duo from Chicago, has released the first installment of their debut body of work, Venn Diagrams, which you can listen to above. It's reminiscent of a sound that could have been birthed by the sonic offspring of Childish Gambino, BADBADNOTGOOD, The Internet, and the alternative pop movement. Listen above. 

Over the past year, Bonelang has gathered steam with their electric live set, playing all over the country, while spending every waking hour working on Venn Diagrams- an album that is molded from obsession and soaked in ambition. Finally allowing the world a glance at this passion project, Bonelang is certain to be busy this year with their campaign - The Year of the Sunflower -that includes a two-part album, a four-volume short film series, three official music videos, an artbook, and a clothing collection.

“Venn Diagrams aims to celebrate and nurture self-awareness, encouraging one to adopt a more full-bodied disposition of compassion, empathy, and love. Mathematically speaking, Venn diagrams illustrates relationships between overlapping groups. Personalized, Bonelang’s Venn Diagrams stands to say: “let us focus more on what we have in common than what we do not."


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