We Caught Up with Iration to Discuss the Sounds of Summer Tour and More

26 June 2017
Alyssa Minnec

“We’re all about love”

Touring since 2008, the Hawaiian-bred group of musicians that formed in Isla Vista, California, goes by Iration. Founded on positivity, good vibes, and the Aloha spirit, Iration spreads the sounds of reggae and Southern California mixed with elements of rock and pop.

Currently, on the Sounds Of Summer 2017 tour as an opener for Slightly Stoopid, this summer is the perfect time to check out their sound. We talked with Micah, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band about the tour experience, traveling with Slightly Stoopid, and more. Get your tickets here for a perfect way to celebrate the summer.

You have an exciting summer coming up. What's that look like in the eyes of the band?

So, we are on tour with Slightly Stoopid. It’s our first tour with them, and it’s going to be really awesome. It’ll be a strong package of acts, a lot of different styles and representations of Southern California. We’ve got Hawaii guys from the island, J Boog from Compton, and Movement, an East Coast band. All different styles come together for a good combination of reggae and rock. We’re hitting awesome venues and lots of places around the country. It’ll be really fun.

How does Iration describe their sound?

I hate that term ‘sunshine reggae’ that someone put on Wikipedia, but it does describe the sound pretty well. It’s the Southern California reggae scene. Reggae without the heavy political messages of Bob Marley. More easy listening. Not all subject matter can be “sunshine-y,” but there is a variance and a multitude of subject matter that people write about that can be expressed in a light way.

Can you tell me about the new album? What makes it different from others?

The acoustic album was different as it acted as an acoustic, sort of, ‘greatest hit compilation.’ We picked songs from all of the records we had done and said, ‘here’s our five most popular songs,’ as well as another five we felt were really strong. The album gave a new life to the recorded versions, and really brought out the heart of the song. It was an opportunity to create a different perspective for the sound.

How are the relationships among the band members?

Since we’ve been together for so long and are older now, we kind of understand each other and know who each person is. We’re all so close, so we know what’s going on in each other’s lives and can accept one another for who we are. Out of all the bands out there, I think we have the least amount of inner band drama. We all have pretty laid back personalities.

Have any pre-show rituals?

Haha. So, we meet together on the bus a half-hour before the set and put on some music to start dancing to and get the blood flowing. When the energy is up, we start singing and warm up the vocals. I’m in charge of djing, so I switch it up but we usually have one song per tour that we go back to. It’s something really poppy, something that we wouldn’t want someone to walk in and catch us listening to. It gets everyone loose, ready to play, and in a good place before we all go out there. It gets our motivation up and puts our game faces on.

So, how’d you guys meet Slightly Stoopid?

We’ve known them for a long time from playing the same festivals together and from being in the same scene, but we’ve never toured together. They’re actually the last band that we haven’t toured with yet. We’ve always admired the guys and gotten along well with them, but it just hasn’t worked out until now. At a festival last year in Cancun, we spent lots of time with them where they got to feel us out for who we are and see if we’d be a good fit for the tour. We get along well; both of our bands are laid back. There are no egos or weird vibes on tour. We’re all just here to play good music and have a great time. From the beginning, we set the whole vibe of the tour as a relaxed, fun time with good people. We’ll also do fun things like barbecue some nights and other cool stuff like that.