Watch Hardwell Describe DJing, Graphic Design, Vinyl, and More on Apparently This Matters

1 April 2016
Saul Readman

Ever since its inception, the EDM genre has become increasingly fascinating by the year. Despite its overwhelming abundance and at times annoying persistence, it's a genre that has influenced various cultures but even more so an entire generation. With what seems to be almost hypnotic mind control that some of these DJ's exhibit playing solo behind a booth with digital decks to what can at times be hundreds of thousands of people at events such as TomorrowLand or EDC, it seems important much like it was with other impactful artists, to get to know the motivations, inspirations, ideologies and musical intellect of the acclaimed EDM Disc Jockeys. 

On this episode of Apparently This Matters, Jarrett Bellini sits down with highly acclaimed two-time DJ Mag number on DJ in the world, Hardwell. Having had the pleasure of seeing Hardwell and still not being able to determine whether the fun I had was due to the girls, the drugs, alcohol, the music or all of the above, it was great to get insight on the man behind the booth. Through his conversation with Jarrett, Hardwell elaborates on his role as a DJ, whether he prefers vinyl or digital, what he listens to in his free time, travelling, cooking and more. Regardless of what you may think of Hardwell and his "mainstreamness," be sure to watch the video anyhow. Check it out above. 

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