Watch Desmond Jones Cover Vulfpeck's "Beastly"

15 December 2015

Last week one of our favorite homegrown Michigan bands, Desmond Jones had an incredible headlining performance at Lansing's The Loft in which they covered Vulfpeck's "Beastly." If you're unfamiliar with Vulfpeck, please be sure to check them out in our Worth A Look Article. Although having been around for a little while, only now are they beginning to become more largely recognized by our colleagues in the industry as well as by many fans of the jam scene. With performances such as their show at The Loft, there's little doubt that Desmond Jones will soon follow the path and rise to the acclaim of such bands as TAUK and Vulfpeck. 

As Desmond Jones stated, "One of the best things about being from Michigan is that there are so many awesome bands we can look up to. We were beyond excited to learn this Vulfpeck tune and play it at The Loft on Dec. 4th. If you don't know Vulfpeck, they are originally from Ann Arbor and are exploding on the scene right now. Check out this video by Psychedelic Eyes Photography and listen to the rest of the set right HERE!"

Watch Desmond Jones' cover of Vulfpeck's "Beastly" above and be sure to catch both of these bands when they come to a city near you!


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