Todd Terje & The Olsens Share Cover Of "Firecracker" Off The Big Cover-Up EP

20 May 2016

As we begin to uncover The Big Cover-Up, the new all-covers (and remixes of those covers) EP fromTodd Terje & The Olsens, we begin to understand the scope of the insanity contained within. Out June 17th on Olsen Records, The Big Cover-Up is the first recording of Todd Terje with his band, The Olsens. Digging through their extensive collections of well-loved wax, Terje & the gang have specially selected a quartet of disco classics ripe for a remake, and then handed off their takes on those classics to friends with a similarly discerning ear for the remix treatment. Covers and remixes of killer disco deep cuts cover 4 sides on this 2x12" set, including songs by Martin Denny/Yellow Magic Orchestra, Martin Circus, Boney M, and Vangelis, as well as remixes of those numbers by the likes of Daniel Maloso, Dan Tyler, Prins Thomas, and Øyvind Morken.

Recently, Terje and company shared their cover of Martin Denny/Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker." The song is strange, fun, energetic, and extremely captivating with a strong undertone of disco. You're never quite sure as you listen throughout "Firecracker." It keeps you honest, which is what every song should do because we all know the phrase, "no surprise for the writer, no surprise for the..."


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