Tech N9ne Discuss How He Started Rapping, Racism, Religion, and More on Apparently This Matters

19 April 2016

Tech N9ne is arguably one of the best lyricists and easily one of the most successful independent rappers in the game. With a successful music label, Strange Music, that has been around longer than most of you reading this were born, countless of popular songs, EPs, and albums, not to mention an enormous global fan base, Tech N9ne has reached the mountain top. Despite his expressive, at times over the top, and aggressive rap style, in this interview on Apparently This Matters with Jarrett Bellini you get to see the reserved intellectual side of Tech N9ne as he navigates through a discussion about his childhood, his Mother, racism, his spaceship aspirations, and more. Watch above. 

(Special Note by Jarrett)

The part of this video that makes me laugh (and cringe) is my apparent astonishment that not every kid played sports growing up. Of course, I knew this - it's an obvious fact of life. But for some reason, I do come off rather surprised. Because, for me, it was baseball. And I played pretty much every day up until my junior year in high school before I realized that writing and being creative were just as rewarding as being picked on by the older dickheads on the team bus. With words and ideas, suddenly there was a new option for me in life - one that didn't require wearing a protective cup over my balls. For Tech N9ne, this was always the case. And that's beautiful.

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