Sound & Silence: Members Only: Mega Powers Continued

Sound & Silence: Members Only wsg Mega Powers Full Recap

21 June 2018
John Bellows

Last week we published our initial recap of our first ever "Members Only," event with the Detroit duo Mega Powers. We couldn't be happier with the response which makes releasing the rest of the recap that much sweeter. 

Our very good friend and writer, Broccoli, did an amazing job of detailing the event with his write up last week. However, I will shed some light on the background of the event. "Members Only," is an event that is meant to allow the audience an inside look at some of Detroit's top and upcoming musical talent. It includes a live interview with the artist that reveals some of the personal detail that goes into making the music you hear in the city. 

Secondly, the event includes a live intimate performance. This allows you to possibly see the artist in a venue that you may never see them again in. It's an opportunity to experience something unique something that you may never experience again. 

The event is meant to stray from the norm. It is meant to break the barrier on the audience and artist. 

We are very happy to announce that our next Members Only Event will be with artist Sara Marie Barron at Playground Detroit on Friday, June 29th. If you'd like to attend the event please R.S.V.P. by emailing 

Video By: Evan Zott

Photos By: Gabriela Baginski



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