Sound & Silence Members Only Episode 2 wsg Sara Marie Barron

Sound & Silence Members Only Episode 2

26 June 2018


With their Members Only series, Sound & Silence ushers an untapped intimacy into their calendar of music events, bringing fans closer to the action while engaging with artists in a way that sets it apart from your average show.

After an impressive debut featuring Mega Powers, S&S is curating another promising night with Sarah Marie Barron on June 29th, giving audiences a chance to get to know another solid creative presence in Detroit. Barron’s music is accessible and engaging, featuring agile vocals that naturally add depth to unassumingly strong musicianship; her set is sure to be a well-suited presence in a series that prioritizes earnest and thoughtful expression.

Following a short warm-up featuring refreshments and good company, attendees will enjoy the opportunity to observe (and even participate in) a casually genuine conversation with the artist, a curatorial effort that brings intriguing nuance and useful background to the performances that follow.

Context is an often underplayed factor in experiencing music. Different venues carry different connotations, and organizational decisions can have a subtly impactful effect on how a performance is received. Sound & Silence invites participants to bring themselves to space where lines are blurred, stages are intentionally absent, and art lies remarkably unveiled.



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