Sound & Silence: Members Only: Mega Powers Recap, Gallery, Teaser Video

S&S Breaks the Silence with Mega Powers

15 June 2018


With the first edition of Members Only, Sound and Silence brought attendees beyond the tables for an inside look at the process behind one of Detroit’s most notable producer duos. Local mainstays Mega Powers brought healthy skepticism and playful wit to the intimate event, sharing interesting bits of history without muddying the allure before showcasing their music prowess among dizzying visuals and engaged listeners.

Hosted at Playground Detroit’s art gallery, Sound and Silence provided an evening of good music supported by a Q&A that was refreshingly genuine and openly rejected common facades. At times Mega Powers, a collaboration between beat-battle veterans Eddie Logix and Pig Pen, exhibited a characteristic hesitance when they were asked to explain too much, but other times they openly revealed glimpses of their deliberately-veiled process. The guarded nature of their interview made the more detailed responses feel more genuine and based on the crowd’s reactions, many couldn’t believe they were doing this in the first place. However, their willingness to invest in the dialogue served as a testament to the integrity of the event; This wasn’t some random journalist being nosey, this was an organization that has proved their commitment to artists trying to provide unique content for their supporters.

While the conversation might be worth describing, the music speaks for itself. An impressive array of sampled content and synth-driven contributions, the music of Mega Powers is unpredictable yet consistently impressive. They admit that many of their sets are unplanned, while still acknowledging that good improv generally stems from good practice and a tempered preparation.

Members Only is a unique approach to music presenting, and Sound and Silence excelled in their first iteration. For music enthusiasts and new listeners alike, the offerings to come will provide things to be heard, things to be said, and events worth attending.

To R.S.V.P. to the next "Members Only" event email We will be announcing the next artist for the June 29th "Members Only," very shortly. 

 Video By: Evan Zott

Photos By: Gabriela Baginski




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