Minds Rising Displays Manic Focus' Sonic Evolution

15 May 2017
Paulina Pachel

John "Jmac" McCarten, also known as Manic Focus, delivers a slew of influences that tie together his multi-dimensional sound and ingenuity on his latest LP, Minds Rising. The record is comprised of soulful, jazz-blues blended with hip-hop vocals from the likes of The MFin' Band, Russ Liquid, RapperChicks, Statik, Psalm One, and more. The LP is an introduction to a new form of the electronic genre dubbed as electro-soul where classical meets new wave, hip hop, and minor undertones of R'n'B.

Manic Focus takes listeners on a journey through his two-year transformation, sort of a musical reincarnation, that shows a drastic change since the inception of his two previous albums. Minds Rising has a sprinkle of almost everything but also highlights the artists' sonic evolution from catchy rhymes to heavy bass to striking vocals. Despite the nuances, Minds Rising provides something for everyone. Whether you're a devoted hip-hop junkie or an emerging hipster this richly crafted LP is for you. Certain melodies can make your mind disappear into the blissful unknown, while others perfectly sync the transition to more melancholic and tranquil vibes.

Listen to the LP above. 



JULY 2017