Listen to the 33 Song Set from Ween's Three Night Reunion Colorado Run

15 February 2016

After a long hiatus adhering to the cries and calls of numerous fans as well as respected music colleagues and others in the industry, Ween finally did exactly as they should and reunited in the name of music. This past weekend, Ween, reunited for a not so typical, typical three night run in Colorado at the ever so intimate and wildly inconveniently placed, 1ST Bank Center. Although desperately wanting to attend the event, unfortunately, it wasn't feasible due to prior commitments. Nevertheless, as to why we terribly appreciate the "Jam" culture and scene, we were lucky enough to Couch Tour one of the three nights. Now, thanks to, we're able to relive one of their most epic concerts; a thirty-three song set. The evening consisted of songs such as "HIV Song" and "Never Squeal > Drums > Never Squeal" as well as Encore's "Common Bitch" and "Tender Situation." They switched guitars during the night as well as played acoustically. Listen to it below. We hope to catch Ween very soon and you should too. The world is a better place with more Ween in it. Check out the set list HERE!

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