Listen to the Soulful and Poignant New Single "Into The Dark" by Folk Quartet Mom Barley [Premiere]

17 March 2017
John Struman

Detroit-based folk quartet Mom Barley is gearing up to release their newest EP titled Into the Dark. Today, Sound & Silence premieres the title track from that project.

"Into the Dark" demonstrates how much Mom Barley has grown as a folk outfit. Sporting a beefed-up sound and unwavering vocal harmonies, this track isn't a departure from their first record so much as it is a proper spit 'n' polish—slick production and instrumentation working hand in hand to bring that woodsy element in strong. This is a fairly dark song, and while the vocals soar high, the pastoral folk tones are able to ground it all and allow the track to evenly coast along.

"Lying in bed, staring into the dark / thinking what have we done, who have we become?" Like a fresh, crispy log on the open flame, lead singer Matt Mathis extends the allure in his lyrics, using smoky imagery and wayward struggle to tell a deeper story. "Into the Dark" is based off Paul Auster's Man in the Dark, a novel that sets its sights on a different kind of America.

“I feel much more confident about it [Into the Dark] than the first record," said Mathis. "Although there were a few songs on Proverbial Thorn that I felt incredibly proud of, I knew I could improve. The songs on the new EP are more mature. I feel more confident as a lyricist and vocalist." Listen to the single above. 

On March 31st, Mom Barley will celebrate the release of the EP at El Club in Detroit. Joined by George Morris and The Gypsy Chorus, The Ferdy Mayne, and The Bardobees, you can expect an evening of equal parts emotional rock and somber folk. Find out more about the event and purchase tickets HERE!


Into the Dark:

01 Into the Dark

02 Chase the Sun

03 Why Don't Ya

04 Days

05 Hands in My Pockets

06 Honey Bunny


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