Listen to Bagels Debut Single "To An End"

30 November 2015

Formed in 2010, Bagels were only 12 years old when they first started playing music together, and like most bands spent a lot of time covering Nirvana, The White Strypes & so on. Within the short space of four or five years, after shedding their skin and learning how to write their own songs, Bagels have managed to create music that is triumphant and epic while still managing to draw people in with catchy vocals and clever guitar hooks. This is no small feat for a band of any age, but is especially impressive given the band are all only seventeen.

Bagels self-titled debut EP is set for an early 2016 release, but before the new year the band have shared the first single "To An End." It's a catchy indie pop tune with poignant lyrics and misty, raspy vocals that forces you to forget the infancy of the group, which makes it all the while more impressive. Although young, Bagels is showing a promising start and we're excited to see what their debut EP has in store come 2016. Listen to "To An End" below and be prepared to lament on the nostalgia of your teenage years.  

Live Daets: 

Nov 27th - The Workmans Club


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