Listen to a Live Set from Desmond Jones at The Loft

10 December 2015

If you're not familiar with Desmond Jones, it's about time to get acquainted. Desmond Jones is a five-piece funk/rock/jazz fusion band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. With original music written to compliment the group's sound as a whole, the music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, smooth bass lines, funky drum beats, and soulful saxophone. This groovy outfit has been hard at work for the past few years doing their due diligence playing an abundance of live shows inherently progressing their talent. This has allowed them to continue blending their various influences to create their own pocket in the jam scene that people will soon come to know as the Desmond Jones sound. Their songs are driven by sunny harmonies, layered over enticing melodies, captivating guitar riffs, smooth tempo transitions and interesting lyrics all balanced within a myriad of Jazz, Funk, Prog. Rock, Blues, and Alto-Country elements. Because the outfit has few compositions under five minutes you may find it tough at times to keep your place, but you'll never get bored. Their live energy is intoxicating and translates well throughout the room as well as comes through in their live recordings. Their longtime experience on the stage has allowed them to have the confidence and stage presence needed which allows an audience to take the ride with Desmond Jones through a fusion of genres and finger licking compositions. Take a listen for yourself to Desmond Jones' set from their headlining show at The Loft in Lansing, MI. We're expecting this band to make waves in the near future. We advise you get on the bus or fear being a bandwagon fan. Thank us later.  

If you're in the Mitten, you can catch Desmond Jones every Monday night from 9:00 PM -1:00 AM for their residency at The Tip Top in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Stay tuned for our In The Kitchen Episode with the five piece outfit.



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