Kyle Hollingsworth Releases an Island Type Summer Anthem via SCI Sound Lab

4 July 2016

A couple weeks ago when speaking with Keith Moseley about The String Cheese Incident's new recording space and their recently announced SCI Sound Lab we found out about the group's excitement to be able to record at will as well as that SCI will be releasing at least six more singles throughout the summer and more as their summer tour comes to an end. What we didn't know and probably should've expected is that we'd also be receiving some new tunes from some of the members side projects such as that of Kyle Hollingsworth. 

Keith Moseley of The String Cheese Incident Talks SCI Sound Lab, Summer Tour, Electric Forest, and More!

Thankfully, today, on the beautiful birthday of America's Independence, we've been graced with a groovy island, indie type tune about love and loss by Kyle Hollingsworth. If you're a fan of The String Cheese Incident, this song is quintessential Kyle. The lyrics are both poignant yet evoke that sense of happiness that comes along with nostalgia or reminiscence. The instrumentation is fun and you can't help but fall in love with Kyle's keyboard solos. As stated by Kyle,

"Tumbling" started out as a groove that was in need of becoming a song. It was one of those feels that I had done in the past, but with a more indie vibe to it. Lyrically it speaks of my first love and first loss all around a trip to the see The Grateful Dead in Pittsburgh. Sometimes I struggle to form a cohesive theme and groove, but this came together fairly easily and quickly. I like where this ended up, I hope you enjoy!"

We love where this ended up. Take a listen above. And while you're at it, check out this video below by our good friends, Instrumental Motion, of Kyle Hollingsworth Band performing "Let's Go Outside" at Summer Camp Music Festival 2016

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