Jason Huber of Cherub Talks Touring with The Floozies, Pizza, New Music, His Favorite Albums, & More

11 April 2017
Alyssa Minnec

Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence.

Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, the eclectic duo known as Cherub, have recently finished co-headlining their tour with The Floozies, known as the “Your Girlfriend Already Bought Tickets” tour. You may recognize the electro-indie group from their popular song “Doses & Mimosas,” and remember them as those guys who have no fear letting loose and being wild on stage.   

Cherub has released three EPs, four full-length studio albums, and are currently working on some new magic for us to dance to. Keep your eyes peeled. The wait shouldn't be much longer. We recently spoke with Jason about the tour, what the guys are doing now, their hobbies, and the ability to have superpowers. Read the full interview below. The duo’s latest album, Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence, can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

Now that your tour is done, what are you guys up to?

Well, I am in a hotel bed right now. It has pretty much-been pants off as much as possible when we’re not on tour. [lauhgs] But in all seriousness, after a tour, we have a lot of time on our hands. We’ll generally do weekend gigs throughout the rest of spring and into the summer. We’re back in the studio working on new music right now. I’m not sure when we’re putting it out or how we’ll put it out, but we’re really excited to dive right back in.

So, how was the “Your Girlfriend Already Bought Tickets” tour?

It was a great tour. It was one of those things where going into it, we were very excited because we’d be touring with The Floozies. It was something we had been talking about for a long time, so finally being able to bring a bunch of friends together out on the road was great. 

Both bands were nervous going into tour because it would be a co-headlining tour, both bands would be living together on the same bus, both crews, and a lot of personalities. It was a lot of people who had not spent time together before, now forced into one moving hallway. It could have been a recipe for disaster if people didn’t get along in a small space like that, but it couldn't have been more opposite. It was a fun time, and musically one of the better tours all around.

What are your tour essentials?

Personally, I wear the same clothes on stage. One pair of pants, a couple of jackets, and my knee brace make up my show gear. It almost feels like sports equipment; it all stinks, and it’s great when I go to put it on every night. It helps me get in that mental zone: go on stage, be flamboyant and ridiculous, never hold anything back.

Where is "home" for you guys? 

Fun fact, not many people realize that Jordan and I have been roommates for the past six years. On paper, we’re probably supposed to hate each other. [laughs] I’m from North Carolina and Jordan is from Nebraska. Currently, we live together in Nashville. We live, work, and play together with the same group of friends. It sounds like we ought to drive each other insane, but he's my buddy. It’s always a good time and we keep renewing the lease on the house, so apparently, it hasn’t been too bad.

Do you guys have any hobbies outside of music?

[Laughs] No…I honestly feel kind of boring outside of music. I like to DJ a lot, and I also love to ski. I’ve almost gone 25 days in this season! It’s fun to take a couple days in the morning to go skiing.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I wouldn't fly- I used to have dreams about this when I was a kid- but I’d swim through the air, kind of like a shoulder height hovering swim, propelling myself through the air like water.

If you were a pizza, what type of pizza would you be? 

[First, starts singing a song about pizza to properly answer the question] I’d be a cheese slice because that’s the way you can tell if the pizza place is good. If they can make a good cheese pizza, you’re pretty much set.

Favorite strain of weed?

So, [laughs], Native Roots tends to take care of us a lot. They always let us sample different things from different collections. I personally like indicas, but I’ve been Jack Flash puffin lately; it’s super tasty. And Griz Kush, not just because he's the homie, but because that weed is pretty damn good.

If you could only listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

That’s easy for me because I essentially only listen to three albums anyways, I suck at finding new music. I tend to just go back to a handful of records. Let me think…I’d choose Be He Me by Annuals, The Colour And The Shape by Foo Fighters, and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance.