INSTANT LOVE Shares Moving Rendition of The Beatles' "Something"

17 July 2017

Instant Love
Premieres Singer-Songwriter Hunter's Moving Rendition of The Beatles' "Something"
 Instant Records' inspirational project Instant Love releases an impressive rework of The Beatles' "Something," reinvented by singer-songwriter Hunter.
Created by Richard Gottehrer (renowned songwriter, producer and founder of The Orchard and Instant Records) and Instant Records' Allison ZatarainInstant Love is a collection of love songs originally sung by men that have been reworked by talented female vocalists. PRESS HERE to check out the latest installment in Instant Love's living album playlist, which adds in the series' newest song every two weeks.
"I like being involved in projects that do good and make me proud to be a part of them. Instant Love is a beautiful project with a powerful message, I am proud to play a part in it. I want to empower women. I want to make an artistic difference. I want to support women and the LGBTQ community and shed a positive light on the issues we face in today's society." said Hunter.
As for why she chose this song, Hunter adds, "I love the music of the sixties and beyond, including everything Beatles. I blame my dad for this! Before I could walk, I had already learned how to play the Beatles albums on our vinyl player. This song goes far back for me and embodies a lot of life memories and nostalgia."
Since its launch on International Women's Day, Instant Love aims to kickstart a dialogue about what it means to be a woman, led by female artists who are unafraid of breaking the boundaries of the status quo through their music. In partnership with The Orchard, every two weeks Instant Love will release an all new track from a skilled female vocalist paired with original artwork by Rebecca Morehiser.
In the days between releases, listeners can get involved directly through the project's new interactive website. There they can explore songs, stories, and video directly from each artist, all while being able to upload covers of their own. PRESS HERE to learn more and PRESS HERE to watch the first installment of the new "Instant Love Nest" series, where artists join Allison at her home for honest discussions about music, sisterhood and the power of women.
With each new song highlighting women's unique voices and perspectives, the Instant Lovecelebrates of the power of love between women, mothers, sisters, friends, lovers and everything in between.
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