Germany Germany's Entrancing Willow LP Out Now

1 December 2015

Germany Germany is the electronic music moniker of Canadian Drew Harris. Harris has collaborated with artists such as Brothertiger, Steffaloo, and Arrange throughout his prolific catalog that spans nine albums in just over five years. Harris’ style has evolved significantly since the project began, currently blending elements of pop, dance, electro and ambient melodies to create a lush and unique aural experience. Germany Germany, now performing as a four-piece live electronic “future pop” band, presents a unique, heartfelt and danceable live music experience. “If I Stay,” Willow’s lead single, finds Harris teaming up with Kotomi - the track’s hypnotizing beat a stellar companion to her silky smooth vocals. The album opens with the sultry down tempo “Wake,” and concludes with the crystalline “Tempest,” and wistful “Return,” a fitting outro for an engaging listen from start to finish.

Buy Willow digitally and on a limited edition cassette directly from Germany Germany's Bandcamp.

Watch Drew Harris be interviewed by iconic music journalist, Nash Winters on Rock Talk below. 

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