Finland's Husky Rescue Share New Single in Advance of This Friday's Release!

8 December 2015

Finland's Husky Rescue Releasing Special Edition of The Long Lost Friend December 11th!

NEW "Far From The Storm"
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The Long Lost Friend: Special Edition celebrates another fascinating stage in the evolution of Finland’s Husky Rescue, not so much a project, with a final goal and limited time frame, but a continuous musical exploration, led by inspiration, collaboration and the excitement of originality. In this release, his fourth on Catskills Records, Marko Nyberg’s captivating blend of mellow, melodic electronica and folk-tinged vocals is captured on the first CD with a new line-up of composer Antony Bentley and charismatic Swedish vocalist Johanna Kalén. The second CD boasts a new, high-concept instrumental collaboration with Bentley, which accompanied a New York exhibition by designer and long-standing Husky Rescue collaborator Kustaa Saksi. Together, they have taken the Husky Rescue ideal of tense, distorted innocence to another level of uniqueness and sophistication.

The first CD comprises eight tracks Nyberg previously released domestically only, as Long Lost Friend on his own El Camino label in 2013, as well as a series of seven-inch releases. Already hailed by as “inventive and without pretension…”, and an attempt “to strip away the precepts of modern music about what is cool, to reduce it to something more about belief than aural wallpaper” this worldwide release is now long overdue. And in addition to this double CD, Catskills Records re-released all three previous Husky Rescue albums on the 27th April, a treat for fans of this intoxicating music.

There is a story of a real lost friend behind this album, someone Nyberg knew well as a child and a teenager but lost touch with for most of their twenties. A close bond, where the two played music together and enjoyed a special energy based on a deep mutual understanding. Sadly they gradually lost touch but got back in contact as Nyberg was writing the music for Long Lost Friend.

Yet, as with so much of Husky Rescue’s music, the literal blends seamlessly into the metaphorical, and Nyberg tells the story not only of his own individual friendship, but he also creates visions of emotional states – most of them, on Long Lost Friend, emotional windows into various kinds of relationship. Nyberg wrote his own set of brief guides to these tracks, and they’re full of descriptions of closeness, such as (for the track ‘Mountains Only Knew’), “This is another all-in what-are-friends-for track”. The song ‘Tree House’ could, he says, “be childhood memories or it could be any old summer day spent with friends.” Much of his writing is concerned with states of emotional intimacy, and how to create them.

Since the original Long Lost Friend recording, Johanna Kalén has left the band for health reasons, and the second CD here contains Husky Rescue’s most recent work, the duo of Nyberg and Bentley. In music, that’s always engaging, melodic and lyrical, Husky Rescue work with abstract ideas. The beguiling, cinematic musical landscapes and delicate emotional stories of Husky Rescue evoke freedom, and their imagined spaces are where opposites meet: in their songs, the city meets the countryside, the folky purity of the human voice meets the intricate beats of electronica; and on the second CD of Hypnopompic tracks that accompanied an exhibition of contemporary artist and long-standing Husky Rescue collaborator Kustaa Saksi, sleeping meets wakefulness.

Husky Rescue
The Long Lost Friend (Special Edition)
December 11, 2015
Catskills Records

Disc One
The Long Lost Friend
01. Restless Feet
02. Under Friendly Fire
03. River
04. Colors
05. June
06. Mountains Only Know
07. The Long Lost Friend
08. Tree House

Deep Forest Green
01. Min Lilla Eld
02. Deep Forest Green
03. Wind In The Willows
04. Sunrider
05. Skin of Snow

Disc Two
01. Pistachio Tree
02. Sunrise in The Mist
03. Robot Requiem
04. Werewolf & Fools
05. Wind In The Willows II
06. Jigsaw Puzzle

Far From The Storm
01. Far From The Storm
02. Onnellisuus

Remixes & Stuff
01. Tree House - Clouds Remix
02. Deep Forest Green - Clouds Interpretation
03. Fast Lane - ID Session Audio



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