Favorite Quotes and Moments of Riot Fest 2016 (Photo Recap)

29 September 2016
Alyssa Minnec


Riot Fest. The festival of everything punk, rock, and roll, black, nostalgia and beer. Beginning in 2005, the festival started in Chicago as a multi-venue fest and has since spread to the cities of Denver and Toronto. This year in Chicago, the festival was held September 16th-18th in Douglas Park.

Besides the carnival theme, the Ferris wheel, the kick-ass bands and great food, one of the coolest parts of the festival was people watching. Everyone came dressed to impress, or simply dressed to dance, adorned with their own personal spins on the rock and roll outfit.

Black leather, chains, punky boots, dark denim, and spiked hair to match created some of the most spotted outfits of the festival. Other honorable mentions were outfits straight from 90’s, band T-shirts, overalls, and more black. At Riot Fest, you walk into a rock and roll world and get to meet some colorful souls who are ready to rock with you. And, trust us when we say that there were a lot of people. It was PACKED. You better have had a plan of action if you were trying to get across the grounds from the Roots Stage to the Storyheart Stage.

The lineup this year included The Flaming Lips, Ween, Jimmy Eat World, Morrissey, Death Cab For Cutie, the Descendents, The Original Misfits, Rob Zombie, Nas, and a whole lot more. The group of girls screaming their hearts out to All Time Low and the hundreds singing along to Motion City Soundtrack put me into a daze of nostalgia, smiling as I remembered my punk inspired self of the past. Riot Fest gave us a stellar lineup, beautiful weather, and a ton of stages to choose from. Titled Rebel, Rise, Rock, Roots, Riot, and Storyheart, each stage was an experience in itself. The VIP area was beautiful. A separate corner of the festival, there were food tents, vendors, and tons of seating. I highly recommend getting VIP tickets to Riot Fest if you’re someone who likes more space and more food and drink options.

Since the photos and the lineup speak for themselves, we decided to check out some of the crowd’s favorite moments of Riot Fest.

“I’ve been coming since 2007. I’ve been able to rock out with my favorite bands. Riot Fest has never disappointed me. I better see you here next year!” –Johnny, a man in a leather vest with “Trump Sucks” printed on the back in duct tape

“I went to four different thrift stores around the city yesterday trying to find this pair of 90’s pants to watch the show in…” –Emily, in the front row before Morrissey

“RIOT FEST SUCKS!”– A guy in a Van Halen T-Shirt

“This is Fall Out Boy, right?” – Drunk guy laying on the ground during Death Cab For Cutie

“I will hold my turkey leg in the air, and I will rock!” –Bald guy with a shirt that said “Too Cool 4 Skool” who threw his turkey leg on the ground after saying that

“Watch out, you’re walking through the spell I’m casting on the Ferris wheel!”- A guy in a cape holding his hands up towards the sky

“You guys, feel my goosebumps. This is fucking magical…” –Sam, during “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie

“Man, the Descendents man! They were my world back in high school. They got me through a lot. I get to see them perform today.”- Mark, a cool guy in glasses

“Guys, there’s lots of emotions up here. We really appreciate you… this is our second to last show. This song is for anyone who’s ever felt that life has fucked them over. We’re here with you.”- Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack, before performing L.G. FUAD

A cool thing about Riot Fest is that the overall mission of the festival supports more than just the music it shares and the money it makes. It reads, “We rally musicians and fans to awaken passions, amplifies dreams, and enhance under-served communities fostering creative development, supporting charitable organizations, and through civic endeavors.” Rock on.

If you’ve never been to Riot Fest, we strongly recommend checking it out. Even the photographers in the pit were singing along with the bands. It’s a community festival which celebrates all of us, lets us relive those punk filled glory days, and lets our inner emo souls shine. Because of its multiple stages, there’s a huge opportunity to check out bands you’ve never heard before. One of the bands, a band rocking out in complete Spanish, had one of the rowdiest crowds I had ever seen. Mosh, jump up and down, let out your crazy side, lay in the grass. Do whatever you want to do. The rest of us don’t mind. Just be you. Just be there.

Check out the full gallery entirely captured by Mandy Pichler Photography HERE!

“Riot Fest is my favorite festival in Chicago.” –Sammy, 36

“One word. Ween.” –Thomas, 55

“I’m not too sure why I’m here, actually. I dig it, though.” –Steven, 21

“My favorite part so far…The Flaming Lips, probably. This chick’s skirt was blowing completely up in the wind for a good 30 seconds. Nobody really seemed to mind. That was my favorite part.” –Jason, 23

“I’m here from Canada. This stuff is unreal. I’ll be back next year for sure.” –Josh, photographer for Music Festival News

“Fuck Donald Trump!” “Yeah. Fuck him.” –A motorcyclist couple, Sandy, and Kevin

“I’m here to rock. Let’s start a riot. Let’s fuck some shit up. Watch out for me in the mosh pit, I’m pretty amped up.” –A huge guy in a cutoff, Gerald

“Step right up! Don’t be lazy! Watch the freaks, see the crazies! Friends or foes, come all to the show! Into Riot Fest we go…”


00. B&WRailFans-5639_S&S.jpg
01. RobZombie_hair-6225_S&S.jpg
03. JoeyBadA$$_CT-6102_S&S.jpg
02. BadReligionMoney!-6021_S&S.jpg
04. Sleater-Kinney_trio-5818_S&S.jpg
06. TheSpecials_Lynval Golding-4182_S&S.jpg
07. WonderYears-5707_s&S.jpg
08. TheVandals!-4897_S&S.jpg
09. JulietteLewis&TheLicks_mic-5569_S&S.jpg
12. DenzelCurry_B&W-4997_S&S.jpg
11. JulianMarley!-4129_S&S.jpg
13. AndrewWK-6_S&S.jpg
14. DeathCabForCutie_Lead!-5141_S&S.jpg
15. Descendents-5484_S&S.jpg
10. MeFirst&TheGimmeGimmes-5776_S&S.jpg
16. HoldSteady-5024_S&S.jpg
18. Gwar-4033_S&S.jpg
19. HighWaistedPortrait-5313_S&S.jpg
17. JHernandez&TheDeltas!-4839_S&S.jpg
21. RailFans-5629_S&S.jpg
22. SmokingPopes-4940_S&S.jpg
20. JimmyEatWorld_bass-4395_S&S.jpg
23. TigerArmy-5931_S&S.jpg
26. SocialDistortion_Wide-5232_S&S.jpg
25. Sleater-Kinney-6300_S&S.jpg
27. TheSpecials-4187_S&S.jpg
24. Ween_Dave Dreiwitz-4412_S&S.jpg
28. RobZombie!-6252_S&S.jpg
29. JulieRuin_Bass-6064_S&S.jpg
30. SetYourGoals-4644_S&S.jpg
33. FuckedUpREDO-4829_S&S.jpg
31. MeFirst&TheGimmeGimmes-5774_S&S.jpg
32. RailFans-5638_S&S.jpg
34. Gwar-4599_S&S.jpg
35. GwarFans_RiotFestScene-4617_S&S.jpg
36. BobMould-5055_S&S.jpg
39. FestivalGoer-5539_S&S.jpg
38. Descendents!-5100_Milo Aukerman_S&S.jpg
40. BadReligion_Guits-6041_S&S.jpg
43. HoldSteady-5013_S&S.jpg
42. JulietteLewis&TheLicks_drummer-5859_S&S.jpg
41. JoeyBadA$$_CT-6104_S&S.jpg
44. JHernandez&TheDeltas-4834_S&S.jpg
47. SocialDistortion-5258_S&S.jpg
46. RobZombie-6250_S&S.jpg
49. SmokingPopes-4945_S&S.jpg
48. TheVandals-4896_CROPS&S.jpg
50. RiotFestFaceB&W_RiotFestScene-5427_S&S.jpg
52. RailFans-5596_S&S.jpg
51. Skateboarders-5653_S&S.jpg
53. JulietteLewis&TheLicks-5861_s&S.jpg
54. MeatPuppets-4050_S&S.jpg
55. JulianMarley-4140_S&S.jpg
57. Descendents-5079_S&S.jpg
58. GeneWeen_Portrait-4413_S&S.jpg
60. B&WRailFans-5641_S&S.jpg
61. BadReligion_bass-6046_WEB_REDOS&S.jpg
59. DenzelCurry-4996_S&S.jpg
56. NotsPortrait-5449_S&S.jpg
62. DeathCabForCutie-5154_S&S.jpg
63. DonnaMissalPortrait-5295_S&S.jpg
64. SocialDistortion_MikeNess-5259_S&S.jpg
65. RobZombie-6220_S&S.jpg
68. CoolBooth-5664_S&S.jpg
67. AndrewWK_Hair_S&S-.jpg
66. JulietteLewis&TheLicks-5554_S&S.jpg
69. Descendents_Milo Aukerman-5103_S&S.jpg
71. JoeyBadA$$_CT-6112_S&S.jpg
70. Ween_geneOK-4435_S&S.jpg
72. WonderYears-5712_S&S.jpg
71. TheVandals-5397_S&S.jpg
73. TigerArmy-5925_S&S.jpg
74. TShirtBooth-5656_S&S.jpg
76. FestivalGoers-5648_S&S.jpg
75. TheVandals-4888_S&S.jpg
77. FuckedUp-5337_S&S.jpg
78. HighWaistedPortrait-5325_S&S.jpg
79. HoldSteady-5436_S&S.jpg
80. JHernandez&TheDeltas-5392_S&S.jpg
81. JimmyEatWorld-4350_S&S.jpg
82. DeathCabForCutie_Guitar-5167_S&S.jpg
84. FestivalGoer-5620_S&S.jpg
83. Descendents_Milo Aukerman-5105_CROPS&S.jpg
85. Gwar-4019_S&S.jpg
86. BadReligionGuitarKick-6024_S&S.jpg
88. TheSpecials-_S&S.jpg
87. Ween_DeanWeen-4416_S&S.jpg
92. Sleater-KinneyOK-6274_II_S&S.jpg
91. SocialDistortion_MikeNess-5249_S&S.jpg
89. ToWriteLoveOnHerArms-5669_S&S.jpg
94. RiotFestScene_Rail-4470_S&S.jpg
93. RobZombie-6242_S&S.jpg
95. SetYourGoals-4171_S&S.jpg
96. WonderYears-5992_S&S.jpg
98. MeFirst&TheGimmeGimmes-6149_S&S.jpg
97. StagesB&W_RiotFestScene-5308_S&S.jpg
99. MeatPuppets-4085_S&S.jpg
101. BobMould-5057_S&S.jpg
100. AndrewWK_jumpingguitar-6_S&S.jpg
103. FuckedUp-4800_S&S.jpg
104. HoldSteady-5015_S&S.jpg
102. Couple_RiotFestScene-5333_S&S.jpg
107. WonderYears-5706_S&S.jpg
105. RailFans!-5614_S&S.jpg
106. SetYourGoals-4635_S&S.jpg
110. Rail_RiotFestScene-4619_S&S.jpg
109. Sleater-Kinney_nice-5823_S&S.jpg
108. SocialDistortion_WIDE-5514_S&S.jpg
111. TheSpecials_Lynval Golding-4181_S&S.jpg
112. DenzelCurry!-4998_S&S.jpg
114. JoeyBadA$$_CT-6111_S&S.jpg
113. Descendents-5483_S&S.jpg
116. JulieRuin-6068_S&S.jpg
117. MeatPuppets_bass-4083_S&S.jpg
118. RailFans-5628_S&S.jpg
119. JulianMarley-4134_S&S.jpg
120. B&WRailFans-5640_S&S.jpg
121. DeathCabForCutie-5159_S&S.jpg
122. HoldSteady-5038_S&S.jpg
122. DonnaMissalPortrait-5302_S&S.jpg
124. StageWide_RiotFestScene-4788_S&S.jpg
125. TheVandals$$-4899_S&S.jpg
123. TigerArmy-5939_S&S.jpg
126. MeFirst&TheGimmeGimmes_Bass_S&S-6152.jpg
128. RobZombie!-6264_S&S.jpg
129. BadReligion-6039_S&S.jpg
127. RiotFestFaceB&W_RiotFestScene-5428_S&S.jpg
130. FestivalGoer-5618_S&S.jpg
131. Gwar-4040_S&S.jpg
134. RiotFestTShirt-5530_S&S.jpg
133. MeatPuppets-4084_S&S copy.jpg
135. JulietteLewis&TheLicks-5875_S&S.jpg
136. RailBoy_RiotFestScene-5411_S&S.jpg
137. AndrewWK_bass-6_S&S.jpg
132. JHernandez&TheDeltas_drums-4866_S&S.jpg
138. Descendents-5096_S&S.jpg
140. Ween_gene-4420_S&S.jpg
142. MerchBooth-5528_S&S.jpg
141. JimmyEatWorld_bass-4399_S&S.jpg
139. SocialDistortion_WIDE-5507_S&S.jpg
142. SmokingPopes-4918_S&S.jpg
145. RailB&W_RiotFestScene-4706_S&S.jpg
144. DenzelCurry_B&W-4979_S&S.jpg
143. Sleater-Kinney-6289_S&S.jpg
147. MeFirst&TheGimmeGimmes-5770_S&S.jpg
146. GuyInMask-5446_S&S.jpg
150. HoldSteady-5044_S&S.jpg
149. Descendents-Stephen Egerton_S&S.jpg
148. SetYourGoals-4624_S&S.jpg
151. RobZombie-6245_S&S.jpg
153. TheVandals$$-4904_S&S.jpg
152. Sleater-Kinney_drums-6297_WEBREDOS&S.jpg
154. SocialDistortion_MikeNess-5261_S&S.jpg
155. TheSpecials_bass-4241_S&S.jpg
156. PeriodPanties-5665_S&S.jpg
157. SmokingPopes-4947_S&S.jpg
159. GeneWeen-4461_S&S.jpg
158. BadReligionGuitar-6018_CROP_S&S.jpg
160. WonderYears_Mic!-5988_S&S.jpg
161. JulianMarley-4099_S&S.jpg
163. LockedInACage_RiotFestScene-4785_S&S.jpg
164. Ween_DeanWeen-4418_S&S.jpg
162. FestivalGoer-5538_S&S.jpg
165. JoeyBadA$$_CT-6105_S&S.jpg
166. SocialDistortion_MikeNess-5251_S&S.jpg
168. Sleater-Kinney-6295_S&S.jpg
170. HighWaistedPortrait-5322_S&S.jpg
169. WonderYears_Drums-5971_CROPS&S.jpg
170. TheVandals-4885_S&S.jpg
172. DenzelCurry_Hair-4972_S&S.jpg
173. Descendents_Milo Aukerman-5086_S&S.jpg
171. RobZombie!-6261_S&S.jpg
175. TigerArmy_drums-5956_S&S.jpg
174. JHernandez&TheDeltas-4883_S&S.jpg
176. MeatPuppets-4086_S&S.jpg
177. Sleater-Kinney-6287_S&S.jpg
178. Ween_geneOK-4458_S&S.jpg
180. UNKNOWN_drums-5881_S&S.jpg
181. CrowdSurfing-5366_B&W_S&S.jpg
179. FestivalGoers-5617_S&S.jpg
182. SocialDistortion_MikeNess-5242_S&S.jpg
167. AndrewWK_Hair_S&S- copy.jpg


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