Check Out Stolen Jars' New Video For "Long New York"

6 April 2017

Stolen Jars Releases New Music Video "Long New York"

25% of EP Sales to Benefit 

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project
glint To Be Released On April 7th
"Visual EP" Will Feature Unique Video for Each Track
On April 7th Stolen Jars will release their new EP, glint. Describing the concept behind the release, Stolen Jars songwriter and band leader Cody Fitzgerald writes, “A glint is a shimmering reflection of light and, at the end of the day, that is really what this EP is, a small 16-minute moment of reflection. It is 5 songs centered around themes of loss and renewal, songs about finding hints of memory in the present and trying to keep sight of them just long enough to let them go.”
The group has also released a new music video for their song "Long New York", which blends imagery that is equally nostalgic and ominous with interwoven vocal lines and chamber-pop orchestration.
"Long New York" follows the release of Stolen Jars' video "Eliot", the EP's lead track. Fitzgerald writes that the song was largely inspired by writer T.S. Eliot: "[Eliot] felt that in order for an artist to be truly universal they had to completely remove themselves from the work... But all of my music is really personal, it’s about these tiny moments in a day. And so the song is basically me wrestling with that concept."
On Stolen Jars' upcoming glint EP, each track plays alongside a composition from different video artists, animators, choreographers, and directors to create a "Visual EP" experience – Evelyn Ross for "Eliot," Jenelle Pearring and Nora Alami for "Gold Age," Abie Sidell and Felix Handte for "Long New York," Marissa Goldman and Blaine Dunkley for "Gone Away," and Henry Chaisson for "Afterlight." glint is currently available for pre-order HERE.
25% of all sales of the EP will benefit The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a legal aid organization that serves low-income or people of color who are transgender, intersex and/or gender non-conforming. Cody Fitzgerald writes, "In the current political climate it is important to us that we do whatever we can to help protect those who are most targeted and most vulnerable. The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is a local organization that seeks to do just that, to protect and fight for transgender rights, particularly in relation to immigration issues and prison justice, areas which seem particularly salient to us right now."
Cody Fitzgerald, the group's songwriter and center of gravity, started writing as Stolen Jars in 2011. Fitzgerald's talents evolved within the nascent Montclair, NJ music scene which has produced notable indie rising stars such as Pinegrove, Forth Wanderers, and Half Waif. A constellation of musicians orbit Stolen Jars – vocalist Molly Grund, drummer Matt Marsico, guitarists Connor McGuigan and Peter Enriquez, and keyboard players Grant Meyer and Max Finkelstein push the band's energy to its outer edges during live shows.
glint Tracklist:
1. Eliot
2. Gold Age
3. Long New York
4. Gone Away
5. Afterlight 
Tour Dates:
4/07/17 - Alphaville - Brooklyn, NY (EP Release Show Presented by Popgun)
4/08/17 - The Plough and Stars - Boston, MA
4/14/17 - The Pharmacy - Philadelphia, PA
4/15/17 - Comet Ping Pong - Washington, D.C.


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