Celebrating the Mega Powers “Winterludes” EP at UFO Factory

17 March 2017
John Struman

It only seems fitting that Mega Powers would release a project titled Winterludes just as Michigan temperatures take a sudden plunge. The Detroit producer duo, consisting of Eddie Logix and Phil Desharnais (aka Pig Pen), celebrated the release of this EP at the UFO Factory on March 4th with a striking performance to a full room.

Despite falling on the same weekend as neighboring Hamtramck's annual local music festival, the show managed to pull in a sizable crowd and the room filled up steadily throughout the night. UFO Factory seemed like the ideal setting for a Mega Powers set—the sleek chrome interior aglow from a dazzling light show. Logix and Desharnais powered through track after track with ease, maintaining consistency with smooth song transitions to make the set feel like one full movement. Material from their debut cassette release World Tour (The Red Tape) proved inviting with the warmest reception from the crowd, while also meshing nicely with the chilling, somber Winterludes selections. Mega Powers also opened the stage up to several special guests and fellow Detroit artists, including vocal performances from Kameryn Odgen (aka ISLÀ) and Andrew Ficker (aka The Dropout), a rap performance from Bryan Lackner (aka Mister), and guitar provided by Dan Gruszka (of Liquid Monk).

Mega Powers find strength in versatility. Their level of charisma and technical skill pegs them as prime candidates for the Detroit Electronic Movement Festival, but at the same time, the astral euphoria enveloping their sound would win the hearts of thousands at the Electric Forest Festival. There is no doubt that Eddie Logix and Pig Pen have made their mark on the current landscape of the Detroit music scene in their own right, but together they truly are a force to reckon with.

Winterludes is out now and available for purchase here. The debut LP from Mega Powers is due out later this year, details forthcoming. Be sure to catch Mega Powers with The Dropout, Jon Zott, and DJ Crate Digga on March 18th at the Majestic Cafe, more details can be found here.





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