Brian Moss of Spafford Talks Tour Life & More at Summer Camp Music Festival 2017

20 June 2017
Cheyanne Powell

Phoenix, Arizona is home to the young band members of Spafford. Mixed with some funk and a whole lotta rock ‘n roll, the band consists of four talented musicians- Brian Moss, Jordan Fairless, Andrew “Red” Johnson, and Cameron Laforest. Since 2012, the dexterous band members have traveled across the country performing their captivating music to thousands of fans. Recently, Spafford has just ended their tour traveling with the jam band, Umphrey’s McGee. Attending Summer Camp Music Festival 2017 this last Memorial Weekend, Brian was able to sit down to convey their experience traveling on the road while continuing the creation of their sensational music and performances.


Tell me a little bit about Spafford and how did you all get together?

We met from living in Arizona. Andrew and I have known each other for about thirteen years now and then Jordan and I went to school together. Then Cameron, well we just picked him up at the airport the other day like a lost little puppy. We’re like “Hey dude, you want to come play some music with us?” And he’s like “Yeah, sure.” Now he’s here.

I see you guys were on tour with Umphrey’s McGee. How was the tour and what were you able to take away from it?

The tour was awesome. We took a lot from it and it tightens up our operation. It gave us a lot of things to look forward to such as how to do this professionally, not lose our minds, learn to have fun. Making sure you’re having fun is the most important.

How did you get connected with Umph?

We don’t really know. We woke up in Milwaukee to a phone call that we were going on tour with them. The first time we started the tour was the first time we had ever really met them.

What do you look forward to when traveling to festivals such as Summer Camp rather than solo performances?

The community for sure. I mean getting to hang out with all of our friends. Seeing and passing all the other bands, stuff like that. Other times you don’t really get a lot of time to hang out with them because everyone’s working here and working there. Here, you get more down time to hang with your buddies and meet more musicians. For myself, I haven’t met a lot of them so every time we get to meet someone new we get excited about it.

Do you guys get to tour the festival grounds or just backstage?

Yes, we’re just getting started into our festival experience so we get to tour the grounds. We do whatever our time allows us to do. If we have time, we’ll drive around on a golf cart and check everything out. Sometimes you come in and you have to leave two hours later to be somewhere else so it’s all for fun.

If you could choose one food vendor to eat for the rest of your tours, what would you choose?

Oh, that’s a good question. That’s hard. Any good Chinese food. I’m going to go with- Asian Sensation.

What are some lessons you’ve learned working with other artists?

Everyone is learning. You need to take the music seriously. The rest of it is all fun and games. We have the most fun… Our days working consist of large periods of inactivity followed by short bursts of extreme physical activity.

What is the meaning behind your band name?

Love, it’s all about love.