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Founded in June of 2014 Sound & Silence is the premier music news website; featuring interviews, reviews, videos, and music news from around the world. S&S is a collaborative collective of writers, musicians, publicists, independent artists, and businesses with numerous years in the industry who have come together in order to create a simpler more interactive better space and experience for like-minded musical individuals.


To avoid confusion please do not send the same email to multiple departments or team members.
Single releases, news stories, video releases, and announcements must be sent from Publicist, PR Agency or via Press Release. 

Meet the Team 

Managing Editor's
Kevin Tshiamala - kevin@sound-and-silence.com
Chris Robie - chris@sound-and-silence.com 

Senior Editor
Simon Eddie - media@sound-and-silence.com 

Special Events Coordinator
Ryan Solecki - ryan@sound-and-silence.com 

Creative Director
Kevin Simon - Ksimon@sound-and-silence.com 

Paulina Pachel - paulina@sound-and-silence.com 

Head of Photography | Senior Photographer
Mandy Pichler - mandy@sound-and-silence.com


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All downloadable mp3s have been made freely available to download either by the artist, PR or label. We also attempt to use only licensed images and videos that we have permission to use. If you enjoy the music you find on this site please support the artist by going to shows, buying merchandise or buying the album. Please email us if you feel that we should take your material down and we will do so immediately.

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Valley Hush 2/3/2017



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