Don't Miss Russian Circles at the Metro in Chicago 01/30

29 January 2015
Molly Leonard

Russian Circles will be playing at Chicago’s Metro venue on Friday night.

The band is originally from Chicago and has been known in the past for touring with many well-known acts, such as Coheed & Cambria and Minus the Bear. The three-man band is known for making entirely instrumental music, delving into the heavy rock and metal genre while taking a focus away from the need for vocals.

They have been playing since 2004 and have produced five studio albums showing an impressive progression using effects pedals and expanding upon their earlier recorded material during live sets.

Russian Circles has worked to produce well-made metal music that pushes boundaries further than many artists of its’ kind would ever dare to try. I have high expectations for their performance and hope that they can be as dark, mysterious and compelling live as they are when listening to the entrancing tracks off of their latest album released in 2013, Memorial.

Critics were crazy about their past album and with a show in their hometown, you can only assume they will deliver a passionate and confident performance.

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- Molly Leonard


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