Gear Up for Cloud Nothings at the Metro - Chicago

13 January 2015
Shane Jones

On Friday, January 16th Cloud Nothings are looking to stir up what by all accounts should be an incendiary, lo-fi rock ruckus at the Metro. If you can't make it to the show yourself, you can rest assured that the S&S crew will be very much in attendance and will more than likely be very, very riled up, raging out for all of us.

Cloud Nothings' steady output of blistering, turbulent records have been riling up indie-rock fans since the band's formation in 2009 . Their most recent LP, last year's fantastic Here and Nowhere Else, is an intense, purposeful lo-fi rock record, driven by torrid, buzzing guitar lines that feel as loose as they do spirited.

Expect an energetic, sweaty performance and an energetic, sweaty crowd. Additionally, expect to be singing along with a majority of the songs – whether or not you have any familiarity with them at all.

Frontman Dylan Baldi's ability to weave instantly infectious hooks effortlessly into Cloud Nothings' kinetic, fuzz drenched indie rock results in songs that feel instantly recognizable, even on the first listen, without ever feeling rote.

Look for us at Cloud Nothings' set at the Metro this Friday.

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- Shane Jones


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