Watch the New Video from Michael Leonard Witham for "Ordinary Hand"

9 April 2015
Ryan Solecki

Michael Leonard Witham released his record, A Scandal in the Violets, last year and recently released his video for the track, “Ordinary Hand.”


Most music videos that do well have an extraordinary budget, which it is obvious that this one does not, but that could be part of the experience. It's short similar to home movie, documentary style with little to no flare. The video consists of a slow montage of Witham picking his guitar, smoking cigarettes and looking distressed. These shots are then accompanied by the looks of a beautiful blond that certainly lightens the mood.


The distressed voice of Witham matches the mood of the video, but the level of quality in the video does not match the talent of Witham portrayed through “Ordinary Hand.” With a song such as this, there are many avenues Witham could've gone and probably should have because they only thing keeping you interested in the video is the song. Without it, it's tough to envision this video standing alone, but maybe that's the point. That the video and song rely on one another, which embodies the life behind the lyrics. 


It's easy to think that with a high level budget and an A-list director something much better would have turned out, but in the over produced saturated world of entertainment sometimes simplicity and rawness are what's needed. 


Watch the video for "Ordinary Hand" above. 



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